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Sunday, July 17, 2005

SIFY Earnings Preview

I am eagerly awaiting SIFY's 1Q (Yes I said first quarter. SIFY's calendar year ends March 31st) earnings release Tuesday morning:

I do not have any reason to expect that SIFY did much better or worse than current analyst expectations of a 4 cent loss per share:

I am much more interested in SIFY's future guidance. It is without question that SIFY management has made a number of large mistakes since their initial IPO during the internet boom. They overspent millions of dollars buying various Indian websites that are still worth only a fraction of the initial purchase price. Today SIFY is trading at a very reasonable valuation and has good prospects going forward assuming they can properly execute. Continued on my new blog............

Read my opinion of SIFY's prospects and what to look for on the conference call on my new blog:

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